Extrusion Heaters

Injection Heaters

About the Client

A Toshiba Injection Heater was installed for a major Indian polymer manufacturer, where quality and efficiency in terms of raw material and energy consumption were top priorities.

The Problem

The client was facing issues with their heating systems which were installed many years earlier. The heaters were now out of date and were not delivering the performance expected at a top-of-the-line manufacturing facility.

The Solution

Based on their manufacturing process, we found that they required injection heaters. After a comprehensive study of their volume of business and other parameters, Viva recommended installing a Toshiba infrared injection heater.

The Outcome

The new heaters provided immediate improvement with a notable reduction in power consumption. Thanks to using the new infrared heaters, a power consumption saving of 20 percent was observed by the client with the Toshiba injection heater.

Power consumption savings for the client with Toshiba Injection Heater

Old Standard Heater New Infrared Heater
Energy consumption for 30 min (kWh) 1.709 1.37
Specific energy consumption (units/kg) 0.388 0.31
Barrel energy % over total energy 66.4% 60.8%
% saving in Infrared over Standard heaters 20.10%