The polymer manufacturing industry has not evolved as quickly as other domains in terms of embracing technology, automation and streamlined processes.

Viva LLP was established specifically with the aim of driving innovation, process efficiency, and competitiveness at polymer manufacturing businesses around the world.

The company was founded by well-renowned experts in the polymer and FIBC industry, bringing in their combined experience spanning decades. With this rich expertise, Viva is uniquely placed to look at the problems faced by polymer manufacturers with a neutral, external perspective.

We are able to play a consultative role in recommending optimal solutions based on each manufacturer’s unique requirements.

Viva also has close partnerships with leading technology solution providers in the industry as well as our own in-house development and production infrastructure.

Therefore, we do not limit ourselves to a consultant’s role, but are able to implement our recommendations on the ground as well.

This 360-degree approach helps to ensure that our clients can derive maximum value from our solutions.