The Problem

When it comes to traditional sewing machines used in the polymer industry, there are certain common problems across all manufacturers. The first of these is high power consumption due to low efficiency of sewing machine motors. Second, is ease of operation for operators, since clutch-based motors are harder to operate. Third is the possibility of needle damage on the machine during operation.

The Solution

Viva Technology LLP decided to find a solution to these pervasive challenges in the industry. After a careful study of the root causes for each of these problems, Viva brought out its own brand of top quality sewing machines, with the following attributes:

  • 3000 rpm servo motor to replace traditional clutch motor
  • Servo Motor Controller for accurate and smooth control
  • Needle Position Sensor (NPS) to ensure the needle consistently goes back to rest position

The Outcome

Several customers who have deployed the Viva brand sewing machines have shared very positive feedback on the performance and increase in productivity that they have experienced!