What It Is

The ViVa OS is a lightweight and secure operating system that is ideal for use in laptops and desktops of any configuration, for business or personal use.

The Problem

When installing or updating an operating system, our clients faced the issue of installing multiple drivers to keep the computer functioning smoothly. They also faced issues of security and safety from malicious software attacks and viruses. Some factories, additionally, used older or outdated technology which did not work well or tended to crash when heavy operating systems were deployed.

The Solution

ViVa OS is a driverless OS for PCs with pre-configured security systems and consuming just 2GB RAM (needing 4GB).

  • When system updates take place, no additional drivers need to be installed.
  • Security systems and anti-virus are pre-configured to always operate in the background.
  • ViVa OS works well on very low configuration laptops, even if they’re over a decade old.

The Outcome

Businesses are moving to ViVa OS in order to simplify their information technology systems.

With always-on security that follows the latest policies, users don’t need to worry about viruses, ransomware, malware or cyberattacks. They don’t even have to turn on Google Safe Search manually, as this is also configured into the ViVa OS security system.

ViVa OS has been tested on extremely low configuration laptops, including a 2009 N4000 Celeron 1.1GHz *2. No performance issues were detected on any of these systems.

The ViVa OS is one of India’s top-performing and most cost-effective operating systems, and is ideal for business use. Try the ViVa advantage today!