Extrusion Heaters

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About the Client

A Lohia Extrusion Heater was installed at the factory of a leading manufacturer of BOPP Block Bottom Valve Bags.

The Problem

The client was using an outdated ceramic heater which was increasingly inefficient and ineffective. As a top player in the industry, they wanted to upgrade to the latest technology.

The Solution

Viva LLP recommended an extrusion heater from Lohia. The Lohia Extruder, an infrared heater, is safe to touch and provides significantly improved performance relative to the older heater being used at the time.

The Outcome

After installing the new infrared extrusion heater, the client saw an immediate improvement in terms of power consumption. Savings of as much as 43.5% was observed. Some of the readings noted are as below.

Extrusion Heater Installation

Timestamp Old Power Consumption (units) New Power Consumption (units)
08:00 23.2 13.1
09:00 21.2 17.0
10:00 23.7 18.3
11:00 25.2 19.8
12:00 25.6 20.7